Do People Manipulate you – Liz Bailey (2021)

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Do People Manipulate you – Liz Bailey (2021)

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I have studied the subject of manipulation for many years.
I once was a manipulator. It caused bad relationships in
our home and church. When someone pointed it out to
me, I was shocked, but grateful. I immediately made
myself accountable to family and friends. “Tell me!” I
cried. “I want to stop!”
They did! And I did!
This experience made it easy for me to identify
manipulators. I began to speak on it as I travelled around
churches, schools, kindergartens, camps, seminars, etc.
Then I saw how children manipulated others. So I studied,
preached and wrote on that!
I hope you can identify manipulation by others (or maybe
yourself) and learn from this booklet how to deal with it.



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