Kids @ Home

Set Your Rituals

Don’t forget recess & lunch – Time for food and relaxation & play during the day is important to help with learning

There is a bell for a reason – switch between topics. Don’t try and spend a whole day on Mathematics! Mix it up with an art class, music or PE session. If there is a particular subject that your child finds difficult or hard to engage – set a timer. (Like eating vegetables – get it out of the way first or hide the task in another – a handwriting task could be a letter to their grandparents or factions can be explained by cooking a cake).

Thinking Your Space

Set up your classroom – if you have the option, set a dedicated space for lessons. Somewhere that is different from where your child plays. That way at the end of the school day you can all feel like you are leaving school behind for the day.

Thinking Tech

FaceTime with other students in your child’s class. This will not only help them keep connected, but they can work on their lessons together and help each other out. 

Thinking Tomorrow

Remember there is always tomorrow. Your child’s education is a marathon, not a sprint. If today went well – celebrate the successes. If it was less than ideal, start afresh tomorrow.

Tips provided by a secondary school teacher R.Smith