The Virus Fight

Hi family and friends, this is a very short clip on how to fight off viruses and bacteria.

Please note viruses are considered no-living. Put very simply; viruses carry a genetic message that when a living cell reads the message, copies it. Anti-viral properties in certain foods stand in the way of viruses reading a message. If there are enough anti-viral properties per virus organism, then they will be cleansed out of the body very quickly. Therefore, anti-viral properties found in food are critical at the early stages of viral infection (before a living cell has copied the message and multiplied it).

Detecting viruses in the body and taking anti-viral foods immediately has been what my family have practised for over five years now with excellent results. I hope the video helps you and your family.

Feel free to share this video with your loved ones!

Used with Permission M.Walker 10/04/2020