In response to COVID-19 we wanted to create a resource kit which would be a useful and encouraging tool kit to help people. 

Through all the things we do, in all the days of life, you will find us talking and laughing, embracing and enjoying life as we do. We’ve learned to acknowledge that our journey through this time and place inevitably involves heartaches and dark valleys. But the response to these battles is to reach out, to empower and encourage others to do the same – to express, and thereby, to share the load.

You may be wondering what nasa meaning is; well it’s Hebrew and it means to bear, to carry, to support, to sustain and to endure.

This nasa’ resource was created as a response to the need we have seen as our communities, nations, and world try to figure out how to do this social distancing and isolation things well. Newly formed key phrases now resonate each time we turn the TV on or scroll through our social media feeds. We hope that this resource will be a place that can provide some answers, comfort,, and encouragement.

This resource kit is being made in real-time, so we will be adding additional resources as we go… enjoy!