Our Story

A little of the Mimshack story…how we got here

Mimshack Resources is a start-up venture of Fernando and Erinruth, while small in size currently, the vision which undergirds this venture and these two individuals is expansive. Not content to just do things the way everyone else does, the Mimshack Team have a dream of reaching, influencing and equipping people across the nations via online and accessible resources.

Check out the eureka moment here.

The initial conversation to begin was as simple as “I’ve been working on writing my training material for the last few years, you’re working on something similar – do we want to combine talents, experience and vision and do something together”. Weeks later Mimshack Resources was birthed and became the platform for dreams to become realities.

Mimshack pulls on the individual experiences gained by both Fernando and Erinruth over their individual industry work experience and study adventures of the past 10 year.

Through all the things we do, in all the days of life, you will find us talking and laughing (and, ER snorting, depending on who’s making her laugh…) Embracing and enjoying life as we do, we’ve learnt to acknowledge that our journey through this time and place inevitably involves heartaches, and dark valleys. But the response to these battles is to reach out, to empower and encourage others to do the same – to express, and thereby, to share the load.

Life encompasses so many aspects and our goal is to be there to help you with career and work aspirations, dream building, spiritual health and wholeness. We know life involves it all and we want to impact and help people grow in all areas to their full potential. So with all of that in mind let’s talk core values; what are building blocks for all the undergirds Mimshack.

We are grounded in humility and servanthood, for us this is foundational. Like any foundation for it to remain strong and intact it required reinforcement. For Mimshack that is honor and integrity, which is evident in the way we conduct business as a team towards each other and those we encounter on this Mimshack adventure.

We are risk takers. We believe in chasing a dream past the first hurdle, we embrace excellence and long to be and work with leaders in their fields.

We are joyful. You might be thinking what a bizarre core value. But enjoying life and loving what you do and who you do it with is vital to living a fulfilling life. Living with a smile and laugh undergirds great communication (even those difficult chats lol) and helps to shift and shape the atmosphere.

Our core values help us to bridge our mission and vision where the pillars are made of humility and servanthood. Where integrity and honor are the cables that connects these together. The road base is love, joy, fruitfulness; where anyone that crosses this bridge experiences positive influence and we see positive changes revealed in people’s lives. Every area of Mimshack is built with excellence; allowing risks to be taken for the overwhelming benefit of learners and trainers alike. 

Fernando is constantly driven by his passion to learn, and in turn, share and equip others, Fernando is a true visionary and dreamer. A strategic thinker, his talents lie in being able to drill down on issues and present solutions in smart, achievable ways. He is adept at making what seems impossible, into realities.

Honed by years as a Manager in the hospitality industry, Fernando is a believer in people. His strengths lie in his commitment to making others shine. Hardworking, loyal, funny and kind he’s ready to come alongside anyone who needs a helping hand, to deeply consider their needs and to build the steps to help them achieve their goals.

Fernando freely gives of his time in service to God and to others in many different capacities. Volunteering in a diverse range of ministries, he’s been involved in departments ranging from Kids, Youth, Small Groups, Hospitality, Database development and administration, right up to interning to key leaders in church and college settings. He has technical expertise in Sound and IT support and also in organising events. An enormously well rounded and thoroughly grounded in Church ministry, Fernando is particularly well equipped to give churches a much-needed boost in any areas of need!

Erinruth combines an unbeatable background in ministry, hospitality, training & education; and administration. Her credentials include 15 years’ experience as a church pastor, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Community and International Development. A visionary, she lives to plan, to organise and deliver visions to reality, strengths which, given the breadth of her experience and education, she is more than well equipped to do.

Having worked with two training providers, Erinruth has further gleaned ways in which people can be equipped to reach their goals and dreams. Her passion lies in seeing people find their potential and then equipping and releasing them to live their best lives.

Erinruth is defined by the passion for life, for love, to learn and to laugh. She’s known for her kindness, her thoughtfulness and her incredible work ethic. A creative thinker, she is a hope bringer, and encouraging presence to others in every way.

Together, Fernando and Erinruth are a formidable team, absolutely well rounded in every way, and entirely passionate about equipping people and releasing them into their full potential. They conduct their business with honour and integrity at all times, and in all their relationships, with humility and with servant hearts. They are risk-takers, giving all to being able to influence their world, to be atmosphere shifters and experts at communication. They strive for excellence, aiming to be leaders in their field, all the while driven by love and joy and the desire to be fruitful.

Working under the guidance of Fernando and Erinruth, the Mimshack team also works with a social media expert based in the USA, as well as Australian based team members who assist with web design, course writing and creation.