…be obsessively grateful

Gratitude. Thankful. Positive. There is always something to be thankful for- even in the darkest of dark storm seasons. I’ve challenged myself to lift the gratitude quotient in my life numerous times- the latest being a few months ago.  And the thing that set it off was a visit to Kikki K on a totally unrelated shopping mission. Specific stationery sets you up for success lol, and helps you find things in life to be grateful for (like specialised stationery shops, with gratitude notebooks).

Only a few weeks after the challenge began, I stumbled across an article that described the physiological benefits of looking for things to be grateful for even when you think there’s none. Apparently it’s good for your health- mental well being and all that (so now I’m healthier too – go me!) 

It’s all too easy to forget to be grateful when life’s good and just as easy to be overcome with darkness when life’s not. So today I challenge you- what are you grateful for. How’s your gratitude quotient. Can you list three things you’re grateful for? It’s where it starts- and then tomorrow list another three, and the days after that and that and that.

Until next time,

Happy gratitude -ing Oh, don’t worry about repeats, sometimes you realise just how grateful you are for things….

… like chocolate


Republished with permission. First published on sozotalk.wordpress.com on 20th October 2016

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